Sustainable agriculture is the need of the hour as it is key to ensuring social, environmental and economical harmony. Over the years, more farmers have been opting for pesticides, genetically modified crops, forceful insemination of animals, chemical fertilizers and unhealthy feeding habits to make farming economically viable. In an attempt to make ends meet, farmers are forced to grow and sell unhealthy, chemical-induced crops and dairy.

In its true sense, organic farming is one that benefits the farmers, farm animals, consumers, as well as the environment. It ensures that farmers receive fair wages, animals are better cared for, consumers get better-quality food, and there is minimal intervention with the natural growth of plants and crops. Clearly, strengthening the village economy through sustainable agriculture is the first step to ensuring wholesome and hygienic food for us and the generations to come.

What ?

Akshayakalpa is the first organic dairy farm of its kind in Karnataka. Our team works with the goal of enabling rural entrepreneurship and wealth creation among farmers in and around Tiptur, Arsikere, Channarayapatna, Chikkanayakana Halli, Kadur and Holenarasipura.

Organic farming and sustainability go hand in hand. If done right, it opens up the village economy to a host of employment opportunities. We wish to see farmers become entrepreneurs by changing the way they farm and turning it into an opportunity for steady wealth creation.

We enable farmer families to make use of the resources at their disposal to help them earn a steady income and improve their standard of living. These resources include land, water, animal, vegetation and man power. We are on a mission to transform agriculture by setting up sustainable, farmer-owned organic dairy farms to make sure that the food you buy is wholesome and natural.

How ?

Akshayakalpa works with farmers to set up Organic Dairy Farms that are owned and looked after by farmer families. Our farms are completely automated and self-sustained. They make use of innovative technologies and process automation in terms of power generation and milking. Chilling the milk is mandatory at farm level, the farmers are taught closed loop soil health management and drudgery free farming operations. We ensure clean and stress-free housing, grass-based diets and veterinary practices for the cows to produce milk that is antibiotic and hormone free.

All of this results in milk that can truly be called ‘Amrutha’, meaning milk which is natural and wholesome. Our milk is untouched by the human hand and completely chilled, right from the farm until it reaches your doorstep.

To put it simply, we give you healthy milk from happy cows and empowered farmers!

The Team

We are a group of veterinarians, engineers, management professionals and extension officers with a common mission to promote rural entrepreneurship in a sustainable manner. We aim to help derive the right value for organic produce and create substantial employment opportunities for the rural youth. We wish to see villages emerge as economically independent and vibrant communities.

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